Spokane School of Improv
Spokane School of Improv

Spokane School of Improv


A group of improvisers pretends to play tug-of-war inside a fully lit theater

The Blue Door Theatre has been the premier improv theatre in Spokane since its founding in 1996. During this time, we have cultivated the craft of improv through creative and innovative performances and education. Through the Spokane School of Improv, we want our 26 years of experience to benefit the Spokane community by teaching the craft of improv and applying its principles to everyday life. 

Improv is about more than just performing on stage; it provides a proven methodology for moving throughout and existing in the world. It provides skills and mechanisms people can lean on to get themselves through difficult situations, advance at their job, or just generally enjoy life. It opens us to possibilities, growth, and transformation. We are taking our years of performance and education experience and applying it to our curriculum to develop exciting and supportive educational opportunities.

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Have questions about a class we offer? Want us to offer different classes? Send your ideas, thoughts and queries to bluedoortheatreeducation@gmail.com, or call 509-747-7045.

Through performance and education, we are committed to co-creating a creative community rooted in play, empowerment, and collaborative learning. The community welcomes all and comprises people from myriad different backgrounds. Within our community, you will find teachers who are nurturing, imaginative, insightful, and dynamic. 

Whether you are looking to develop as an improviser and perform or to learn how improv can be used to develop life skills, we have a class for you.